Assessment Information

An assessment is an annual payment due to be paid to your Association at the beginning of each year. Assessments are used to pay for upcoming fiscal year operations costs and reserves. It is not a tax, and in most instances it is not handled by escrow services.

Assessment notices are mailed in mid-November. Payments are due on January 1st, and you have until January 30th to make your payment or to enter into a payment plan agreement. Owners who have not paid their assessment or who have not entered into a payment plan agreement by 11:59:59pm on January 30th will be considered delinquent. Any owner who becomes delinquent will be assessed a late fee and interest, and these charges are considered non-waivable.

Methods of Payment
In Person / By Mail – Check or money order, payable to the Association’s name. No cash or credit cards are accepted. If a payment is mailed, the check or money order must be physically in our office before or on January 30th. A postmark date prior to January 30th will not prevent late fees from being assessed should the payment arrive after January 30th.

Online – Credit card, debit card, or e-check. Payments must be initiated by the day and time shown above. If a payment fails to process due to non sufficient funds, you will be charged an NSF fee. If it is after January 30th, you will also be assessed the late fee and interest charges.

To pay online, you may log in to your Association portal. If your Association does not offer a portal, you may pay through the bank portal by clicking Pay Assessment Online.

Online users: Please note that your Association account number will not match the account number assigned to you by the payment processor. As long as you have verified that you have entered your correct Association account number, then your online payment will properly apply to your account.