Violation Enforcement

KPM Management believes in making the violation enforcement process as thorough and efficient as possible, while maintaining a high level of accuracy and transparency. Nobody likes to receive a violation letter, but by providing as much information and support as possible we try to turn a potentially negative experience into one where residents are understanding and willing to work with us toward curing their violations.
To achieve our high level of efficiency and a healthy compliance rate, KPM Management utilizes a program called SmartViolations, a component of the cloud-based community compliance software Smartwebs. This software consolidates cutting-edge technologies and automation with GPS navigation, virtual maps, and integrated photo documentation to quickly allow for the recording and storage of violations in real time.
We are able to complete all of the required processing while still in the field, in a lesser amount of time than the traditional two-person inspection method, and with the result of having only to print and mail out the letters from our office upon completion of the inspection. Despite the fewer hours spent on inspection, we are still able to maintain an accuracy level of over 99%.
Because Smartwebs is a cloud-based platform, your Board members and Committee members can access the information at any time of the day from any computer, cell phone, or tablet with an Internet connection. They will have current and immediate access to a Dashboard containing charts, graphs, reports, and statistics relating to the different types of violations being recorded within the community, and they may view any letters or photos associated with any address or property owner recorded within the preceding year. This will enable us to provide a completely transparent and comprehensive visual view of violation activity of your community. Owners may also view their open violations at any time by logging in to their community website account and navigating to their profile.